Tuesday, 10 November 2015

Leggings are NOT pants

"Leggings are not pants."

Legging hatters all over the world LOVE this saying.

And to that I say MIND YOUR OWN BUSINESS!!

Let me explain my history with leggings a bit here.  I've had a lot of ups and downs with my weight the last 10 years.  I've gone from being the biggest I've been... To the smallest I've been and back again more than I'd like to admit.  I've been from pre-pregnancy to post pregnancy a couple times.  I've been from Netflix marathons to half-marathons.  And you know who was there to see me through it all?  LEGGINGS!!

The great thing about them is their versatility!  Weather you need something to get you through that last mile,  that first snow fall or that awkward first trimester ...Leggings have got your back when jeans just won't do!  I have yet to find something better that I can wear to the gym, on a date or cozied up on the couch for the night than leggings.  ( my husband has had to inform me a few times that sweats are not appropriate attire for date night ).

Our new high waisted exclusive mayberrys leggings are every girls dream!  First off let's start with the fabric which is a super soft blend that will make you want to never take them off!  Second of all the waistband is SUPER high to either roll down or "crank" as I like to call it and hold everything in nice and tight.  They are available in sizes 0-18 AND we've got a couple of the cutest versatile patterns that work perfect for dressing up to make a statement or keep low key.

If you haven't tried our new exclusive legging styles you NEED to get your hands on a pair of them like yesterday and "show us your mayberrys!"



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Sunday, 20 September 2015

Fall in Love with Fall

School has started, t-shirt weather is ending and the walk to school is leaving you with a pink nose which means one thing... IT'S FINALLY FALL!

I've been out of high school for ... lets just say a "few" years now but September/October leave me craving to be back.  I miss those days of Friday pep rallys and car bashes leading up to the big hometown football game.  I swear my friends and I would spend HOURS getting all dressed up to freeze our butts off on the bleachers behind the our high school.  Opposing school colors were obviously FORBIDDEN from our wardrobes regardless of the time of year.

I miss the excitement of handing out cheer papers through the crowd, making sure your friends saved you a spot big enough to fit you (and your sleeping bag) and screaming until you were hoarse.

Fall fashion is probably my FAVORITE out of all the seasons!  I am a layering girl so I'll take leggings, boot socks, hoodie, vest and a toque over shorts and a tank top any day.  I crave cardigans, scarfs and fingerless gloves (is there really any other way to go these days with so many touch screens?).  Fall is the perfect season to be bundled up without ruining your outfit by throwing on a winter jacket overtop.

Lets be honest... this is Canada... which means winter weather is about um...6 weeks away (if that).  So until then FALL IT UP!  We've recently gotten a TON of fall accessories in, including boot socks, scarfs and gloves.  On top of that we've got plenty of cardigans, floor length dresses and hoodies to go around.  So before we start seeing snow, head over to Mayberrys and snag up some great fall attire.  Before you know it you will need to cover yourself up with a parka and spikes on the bottom of your boots!

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Sunday, 9 August 2015

What Day Is It Again?

Lets be honest... without being in school or having our kids in school we have NO idea what day of the week it is.

The summer heat is at it's peak.  Those dang black and orange bugs are EVERYWHERE and our hair color is fading fast, which could only mean one thing... the back to school countdown is on!

Now I personally don't have kids in school yet, but I do have a husband in school (he's basically a big kid right?)  I still look forward to the weekend. I still pack lunches. I still wake up to give rides to school and I have been a kid, so I feel like I do know a bit of what I'm talking about here.

Every year as a kid/teen/grown woman I have had BIG plans for summer!  Road trips, lounging by the pool, sleeping in, park days, lunch dates, boating, staying up late, bon fires, concerts, I could go on and on.  Have any of these things actually happened ... a couple yes, but the majority of them have not.  We get busy.  We get lazy.  And we get SWEATY!  I don't know about you guys but when it's hot out I do not function.  I wasn't built for the heat (or physical labour).

What I'm trying to say here is whether you've had the best summer of ALL TIME, or if you've really let yourself down in the "party summer" department, there are only a couple weeks left!  Time is running out before it's back to alarms, homework and lost backpacks.  Go out there and live like there's no tomorrow!  Call that friend you've been wanting to get together with for months. Sleep under the stars on your trampoline.  Eat smores until you feel like your going to puke.. and then eat one more just for good measure.  Slice the sides of your mouth with a giant freeze!

Heading back to school doesn't have to be the worst thing in the world.  You get to pick out new binders (I still have all of my old spice girls school supplies from Grade 7... jealous?), you finally get to go get that haircut you've been pinning for months (but you weren't quite ready yet to give up your top-knot for), and best of all... YOU GET A NEW WARDROBE!  Check out our website Mayberrys.ca to save yourself from a chaotic day at the mall and spend your time more wisely by checking off a few more things off of your summer bucket list.